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So, Sven-Göran Eriksson is set to join a club newly flush with Middle Eastern money. But it's Notts County rather than Portsmouth. Even County fans excited by these developments would concede that there is the basis for a comedy script in the raw detail. The new owners' name, Munto Finance, sounds like a one-man operation run out of a spare bedroom, while the club's new chief executive is a Mr Trembling. The latter has claimed that his new employers have a ten-year plan to revitalise a club who haven't finished higher than midtable in the bottom division for the past four years. It all sounds super, for a moment.

This would not be the first time that a famous international name has pitched up in a management role in League Two. Four years ago, Oxford United briefly employed former Argentina striker Ramon Diaz while Brentford took only a few months in 2007 to realise the error they had made in appointing another lower-league novice in Terry Butcher. So you would hope that there isn't much more to this than a publicity stunt.

Barring his early days in Sweden, Sven has no experience of managing at this level. And whatever role he is to be offered – the suggestion is that it would be as a director of football working alongside current boss Ian McParland – he would be a hugely expensive acquisition and an equally costly one to pay off.

If County are prepared to buy their way out of League Two they don't need to spend on anything like this scale. Any number of gnarled old pros with lower-division experience could get them up with the sort of budgetary advantage that they will hold over their rivals. Indeed, since this news broke there are signs that Mr Trembling and the men from Munto have cooked this up as a sideshow while they pursue their real target – they want to talk to Glenn Hoddle. Uh oh. Glyn Francis

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Comment by Nigelwyn 2009-07-21 15:09:18

Notts County or Ericsson? Who needs the other the most? I can't think that either side are particularly thrilled.

Comment by Hjelde 2009-07-22 01:16:20

very thrilled actually. We've been in need of some good fortune and its here! Munto finance Munto finance Munto finance.

Costs? What are they when they're at home? Onwards and upwards and about bloody time. It strikes me as those who are objecting wouldn't be so negative if they were in our shoes. Maybe a slight taste of bitterness in the mouth?

It is harsh comparing Sven to Butcher or Diaz, look at the different records. On the other hand Keagan didnt have oodles of experience in the third tier either.

Comment by don kiddick 2009-07-22 01:39:11

The greatest piece of news for the only football team to come from Nottingham since Tommy Lawton signed up.

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