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The death of Michael Jackson reminded us of a letter we received from Uri Geller recounting the late King of Pop's trip to St James' Park, Exeter. Uri wrote in response to an article in WSC 185 (July 2002) about his involvement at Exeter City

Dear WSC
I am writing with regard to your article titled Bend it like Uri (WSC 185) discussing Exeter City. I feel that I ought to offer a reply, as I find your ironic piece slightly disturbing.

I do accept that it must have been written with all good intentions, despite the sarcasm and scornful undertones, yet for me this issue is far from a joke. Having recently assumed the role of co-chairman of the club, it was with immense pride and pleasure that I set about my new tenure. Not only is it a major coup for a Third Division outfit to have a world-renowned figure at the helm, but also my unswerving loyalty and commitment to the Grecians will remain one hundred percent.

My love for the club stems from my son Daniel’s (now co-vice chairman) well-documented passion for City, and to suggest that there are ulterior motives is simply ludicrous. My aim is to help turn Exeter City around, to reach a stable financial footing, to attract sponsorship, extra investment and support, to raise the club’s profile in the local community and to have a successful team on the pitch.

Recently the football club had the incredible honour of welcoming pop mega­star Michael Jackson and mystifier David Blaine, as we hosted an event to raise money for the club and notably for several worthwhile charities. The world’s media turned out in number and thousands of adoring fans screamed and cried tears of joy. Disadvantaged children experienced a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet their idol and the satisfaction, the delight that I felt couldn’t be put into words. John Russell (co-chairman), Mike Lewis (co-vice chair­man), Daniel and I are entirely serious about the club achieving success, and what can be so devious about that?
Uri Geller, Sonning, Berkshire

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Comments (3)
Comment by jackofalltrades 2009-06-27 16:05:55

After Michael Jackson's death, I thought it was disgusting the way so many sick people started texting each other jokes about it almost immediately.

So-called 'jokes' like "Day 69 and Jade Goody gets a new housemate" are a clear sign that society has lost all compassion.

Comment by alloneword 2009-06-27 18:37:59

It must be great to enter "mystifier" under "occupation" on passport applications & the like.

Comment by Max Payne 2009-06-28 04:12:29

And look how that turned out! Mr Gellar always was better at bending the facts than cutlery as we were to find out... Wanker!

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