“Klick It Out” aims to tackle discrimination on social media

icon racism30 May ~ Kick It Out have launched a campaign to raise awareness of football-related social media discrimination and how to report such incidents. “Klick It Out” will encourage fans to kick social media abuse out of football and promote equality and inclusion using the #KlickItOut hashtag. Online discrimination is a difficult area for Kick It Out as the incidents occurring on social media do not fall under any football regulation, meaning the organisation cannot use its normal route of reporting.

Kick It Out director Roisin Wood said: “We want this campaign to illustrate the level of discrimination that still occurs on social media that is a stain on football. At Kick It Out we don’t have the power to change laws but we hope our campaign shows how serious the problem is and the devastating impact it can have on people. This problem needs to be addressed now.”

You can read more about the campaign here.

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