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icon shirtstuff11 May ~ As summer draws near there are increasing sightings of the overblown spectacle that is a kit unveiling. Aanu Adeoye has dissected the phenomenon for The Set Pieces, saying: “No issue encapsulates the essence of the game today more than the scourge of kit unveilings. They are a by-product of the barefaced capitalist machine football has become and, just like the game itself, these events grossly overestimate their importance.”

Adeoye goes on to point out that “without fail kit unveilings are coupled with stomach-churning PR guff to urge fans to part with their cash”, before highlighting the ludicrous language that accompanies a kit launch, as demonstrated by Nike creative director Martin Lotti in March: “Once we visualised what was possible, we aggressively accelerated bringing the future forward with a complete system of dress built for speed.”

You can read the full article here.

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