Interview with Nick Miller on The Set Pieces

icon monday22 April ~ David Squires started out doing football illustrations for Swindon Town fanzines in the 1990s, mostly for his friends’ amusement. However, since he launched his Sunshine Room site he has built up a following which led to his regular, popular cartoons in the Guardian. David was also the illustrator whose work accompanied Taylor Parkes’ review of Lovejoy On Football in WSC 250, which you can see on our digital archive here.

The Set Pieces have interviewed David about his career, where he explains how he works and where the ideas for his illustrations come from: “I start with [a] loose script, and then as I’m working through, drawing it panel-by-panel, a better idea or image will come to me. So for example in the Villa piece, I wanted to do something about Villa dropping down to the Football League and never being able to escape again, and the idea about the twins from The Shining came into my head. It was only as I was drawing them that I thought it would be better if Steve Evans was one of the twins.” You can read the full interview with David here.

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