Localgiving is a charity that makes it easy to find a worthy football cause near you

icon japanball11 April ~ Thousands of grassroots clubs around the country play vital roles in their communities. Many also have charitable goals, often working with disadvantaged or disabled people, or focusing on social inclusion and promoting healthy lifestyles. Yet most of them get little official funding and rely on both the time and money of volunteers to achieve their goals. Localgiving is a charity fundraising platform which includes numerous grassroots clubs all across the country, ranging from FC United of Manchester to Hounslow Hawks.

The Hawks provide support for people who experience mental illness, while Street Football Wales is a charity that exists to improve the lives of socially excluded people in Wales. The Bangladesh Football Association engage with over 3,000 disadvantages and marginalised people over the year and gives them positive activities to focus on, and Glasgow Girls FC aim to offer coaching to females aged seven or over in a fun and safe environment as well as a pathway into coaching. Mytchatt Athletic’s “Football For All” project provides physical activities for boys and girls excluded from participation in sport by virtue of their special needs and disabilities.

Above is just a small selection of the football charities that can be found on Localgiving and you can follow this link to find a club and cause near you to support.

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