Editorial by Glen Wilson sums up many of the problems with modern football

icon sadfan25 February ~ “I think I’m tired of football,” writes Glen Wilson, a WSC contributor, in his latest editorial for Popular Stand, a fanzine for the likes of Doncaster Rovers. “Maybe, and hopefully, not the actual game, but I’m tired of so many aspects of it.” It’s a feeling that many football supporters can probably relate to – increasingly it isn’t the football itself that gets too much, it’s everything around it.

“I’m tired of football’s increasing omnipresence,” Glen goes on. “Why do Manchester United need an official tyre partner in Indonesia? Why do Liverpool need an official skincare partner, when surely a decent centre half would be of more use to them? I’m tired of leagues spending so much time rebranding themselves; as if it was the name of the competition stopping the people of Essex turning up in their hordes for Braintree Town against Gateshead.”

You can read Glen’s full editorial, which sums up many of the problems with football at the moment, on Popular Stand here.

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