One Grimsby fan’s confession about an affair with Manchester United

icon bigteams22 November ~ Having spent the majority of the 1990s and early 2000s in the second tier, life has been tough for Grimsby Town fans over the past decade. Six years in League Two from 2004-05 have been followed by another six in non-League. Given the circumstances it would be understandable if fans were tempted by watching other clubs, such as those in the top four of the Premier League. Lloyd Griffith has been a Grimsby fan since 1989 but, as he revealed to the Cod Almighty fanzine, he has a terrible confession. He once had an affair with Manchester United.

“I was taken in by the stadium size more than anything,” Griffiths writes. “I've always liked large imposing buildings like cathedrals and airport hangars, and this was by far the largest building or structure I had ever been in. It felt like a hundred Findus stands. Same colour too.” However, something didn’t feel quite right. “ I didn't feel there was a connection with me and the club. I felt like an impostor, a tourist; I didn't feel like a Man Utd fan. There was something missing. Looking back, it felt like a holiday romance that would never last.”

You can read Lloyd’s full confession on Cod Almighty here.

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