via Iain Macintosh at The Set Pieces

icon rebrand10 September ~ The Football League may soon scrap the names Championship, League One and League Two in an attempt to improve their “brand identity”. Those names have been in place since 2004, when they were brought in to help the divisions stand out under the Premier League.

However, Iain Macintosh of The Set Pieces argues that the logic of any rebrand doesn’t work for the Football League because “as any Football League fan knows, and apparently the Football League doesn’t, it’s that authenticity, that struggle, that bloody-mindedness that keeps you going back for more”.

Instead, Macintosh argues that its selling point should be “That sense that if you keep going to watch your team and if you keep putting up with the shit, that one day something nice will happen and it will feel so, so good”. You can read the full article on The Set Pieces here.

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