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Stevenage08-1021 August ~ Everyone loves an iconic sponsor on a club kit. Whether it's record label Skint on the Withdean-era Brighton kits, Italian white goods floggers Candy on the classic Liverpool shirts or Dreamcast on the carefully disheveled retro Arsenal numbers you mainly see around Hampstead and Highgate today. For me Megaman is Stevenage's sponsoring zenith.

Megaman, an odd name for energy saving lamps – was emblazoned on our shirts for multiple seasons. The away kit from 2008-10 also coincided with the moment in Stevenage history where everything changed. Graham Westley's team were wearing it away at Kidderminster when we finally got promoted to the Football League.

The shirt itself is pretty horrendous, however, with inexplicable sun yellow chevrons down one side and name of the makers, Vandanel, oddly tilted up towards the shoulder. You can see in the unnecessary detailing the start of the kit design movement that has reached its logical conclusion in the busy, heavily branded kits forced on lower-league clubs by voracious sportswear brands (I'm looking at you Fila and Macron).

Regardless of the flaws, basically every major success that Stevenage have had has come in a Megaman kit. I've no idea whether this has caused a notable increase in the sale of environmentally friendly lighting but they will always have a soft spot in the hearts of the club’s fans. Jake Farrell

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