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- Football comedy special
- Ultra culture from Madrid to Clapton
- Spies at the training ground
- The board games boom
- Chelsea's Division Two debut
- Lincolnshire's non-League derby

Board approval Tabletop games
"With their multi-million pound deals, bombastic advertising and all-round air of thundering high-gloss pomposity, computer games might be viewed as the Champions League of hobbies. Board games by contrast are lurking far down the pyramid. Indeed anyone who has watched non-League football will likely find much that is familiar in the board game world. It’s an amiable carrier bag-toting sort of place filled with self-deprecating jokes and arcane conversations that will leave the outsider perplexed and, in all probability, numb with boredom." Buy here to read the full article

336 MOTMGrimsby Town 1 Lincoln City 3

A defiant Conference derby at Blundell Park
"Snow has covered northern England since Boxing Day but stopped a few miles short of Grimsby, like a progressive idea. This summer a film called Grimsby, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as an idiot football hooligan, will pick up where Channel 4’s poverty porn show Skint has left off. There are compelling reasons why my beleaguered hometown was chosen as the setting for both. The phrase 'empty net' has both a footballing and a nautical resonance around here. Forty years since the trawlers were scuttled, Grimsby remains a community bereft of purpose and north-east Lincolnshire one of England’s most neglected and least understood regions." Buy here to read the full article

Rallying to the flag Clapton Ultras
"With the exception of Celtic’s Green Brigade, the UK ultra scene tends to take stylistic, rather than political, pointers from its European counterparts. This is possibly no bad thing, given that so many continental curva collectives tend to be of a right-wing persuasion. Yes, there have been welcome protests of late at Premier League grounds against ticketing prices, and the likes of Crystal Palace’s Holmesdale Fanatics are always keen to pledge their allegiance to the 'Against Modern Football' cause, but for genuine radicalism you have to go down to the game’s lower rungs." Buy here to read the full article

336 ComedyYou have been watching... Football sitcoms
"When we think of football and comedy on TV, the first image that springs to mind is men in suits swapping insults while laddish misogynistic joshing is passed off as post-modern ironic jokes. How did we get here, in 2015? I’m afraid we only have ourselves to blame. By we I’m including myself, this magazine, and all the comedians who grew up with football during the 1970s." Buy here to read the full article

Josh Widdicombe on football stand-ups
Charlie Williams: player turned comic
Rise and flaws of FIFA computer games
Decline of Aberdeen's trendsetters
Spain crack down on ultra influence
Recording to noise of Brescia's fans
Assists should not count
When Woking beat West Brom
Clubs pay staff living wage
Coventry's Wasp problem
Championship transfer embargoes
Birmingham's blues
Hayes' ground woes
Friday night TV rights
Pictures of Whitehawk v Eastbourne
Watford's 1982 squad on a lorry
How clubs track player performance
Argentina's unwanted new league format
Steaua Bucharest lose their name
AEK Athens' stadium controversy
Book reviews ~ Duncan Ferguson, FA Cup nostaglia, Jeremy Goss, Frank Large

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Photo by Paul Thompson, illustration by Tim Bradford

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