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Each year, football gets more and more ridiculous, so my hope is that the more tedious elements – FIFA, the Premier League super-inflation bubble, Luis Suárez, and the rest – can be somehow locked into a time and space vortex so the rest of us can get down to just enjoying the basics of 22 men kicking a ball around a field for 90 minutes. Failing that, every journalist who has ever mocked the price of Kidderminster Harriers' pies to actually get the Aggborough and try one. Gary Andrews

With the BBC apparently set to lose the rights to Football League highlights to Channel 5, there is a genuine chance for the commercial broadcaster to improve things. They can start by simply putting the show on as normal during international breaks. Nothing summed up the Football League Show's infuriatingly half-arsed attitude towards Leagues One and Two better than their decision to have a week off when Championship teams weren't playing. Tom Lines

That some concrete action will be taken to stop the decay of the Portuguese domestic game. I was recently at a Friday night Primeira Liga game between historic club Vitória de Setúbal and Boavista, champions in 2001. Attendance? 1,230. And that's not so unusual for teams that are not the Big Three, or Vitória de Guimarães, or Braga. A concerted all-club meeting-of-minds at league level – rather than the normal in-fighting – might go some way to finding solutions. Phil Town

That Ross Barkley can ignore the hype and preposterous comparisons with former players that surround him, and concentrate on becoming the best player he can be. Oldham finishing in the top six of League One goes without saying. Brian Simpson

After seeing Gareth Bale score in the European Cup final for Real Madrid, it would be great to see some other young British talents take their chances abroad in the summer. The likes of Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and even injury's Jack Wilshere could all flourish from a move abroad and a bit more of a sense of adventure – and the England team might benefit, too. James de Mellow

I'd like to be convinced that the technical director and head coach structure is right for West Bromwich Albion. It was while we had Dan Ashworth as technical director but, since he left two years ago, performances and the quality of players coming to the club have declined. Terry Burton, appointed in the summer, needs time to make an impact, but my fear is that the structure just makes it too easy for chairman Jeremy Peace to dispense with coaches. At present, there seems little chance that Alan Irvine will be treated any more fairly than Steve Clarke and Pepe Mel were. James Baxter

It would be nice to see the indignation-o-meter ramped down slightly. Does everyone really feel so wounded every time somebody such as Mario Balotelli does something like send an ill-advised tweet? Is it really that important? On a separate note, I suppose another year of “pain” for all those poor, tormented Manchester United fans who had to suffer seeing their team only finish seventh in the league and reach a cup semi-final and Champions League quarter-final in 2014 would be too much to ask for. Simon Hart

When Manchester United finally "get" the system the Iron Tulip wants them to play, one of them can explain it to the rest of us. Joyce Woolridge

I would like to see legislation compelling all teams in the top divisions of European leagues to have on the field at all times at least six players qualified to represent the country whose league they are playing in. We have now reached a point where the phrases “English football” and “Italian football” (but I could choose other countries) should be replaced by "football played in England (Italy)". The balance needs to be redressed. If this means that some EU legislation must be changed, pressure should be applied to make this happen. Richard Mason

In an attempt to reduce "simulation", anybody – players, officials and supporters alike – entering a football ground on matchdays should be obliged to show proof of having attended a science-based course in which they are shown how human beings react when subjected to different degrees of force. "This is the maximum speed at which a human being falls backwards when their forehead is nuzzled by a defender"; "This is the maximum extent to which a human being writhes after having their earlobe brushed when going shoulder-to-shoulder with an opponent", that sort of thing. Matt Nation

That some crazy, surprise democratic revolution within world football's governance results in Qatar being stripped of the 2022 World Cup; or some equally crazy and surprise revolution turns Qatar into a workers' rights-respecting democracy. It's hard to work out which is the more spectacularly implausible of those two hopes. Tom Davies

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