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331 PiratesIt is often held to be one of the unwritten rules governing the life of a football fan that your allegiance, once chosen, remains unchanged. However many now feel priced out of what used to be an affordable form of popular entertainment, while any sort of supporter activism is seen by the clubs as a threat to the sanitised matchday experience. Only very few such people, however, have taken as radical a course of action as Nick Davidson, the author of the first English-language book about FC St Pauli. Read more

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FC St Pauli: Falling in 
love with a radical football clubby Nick DavidsonSportsbooks, £8.99Reviewed by John Van LaerFrom WSC 331 September 2014...
Success at St Pauli endangers cult ethos
2 June ~ Back in 2003, not many FC St. Pauli fans would have put money on the club still being around to celebrate the club's centenary....
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