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- Liverpool v Man City in New York
- When the FA Cup was king
- Football and First World War
- Soundtrack to the game
- Palestinian team in Chile
- League's lost counties

wsc331 Preview2014-15 Season Guide
Previewing the four English divisions, the Scottish Premiership and contains a Conference round-up. There are predictions for each team and overall tables for the leagues, so you can see where others are expecting your club to finish. It also includes likes and dislikes from last season as well as the best and worst moments. Plus, following the introduction of free-kick spray to the Premier League, what other innovations does football need? A naughty step for minor offences? Blindfolded goalkeepers? Managers forced to listen back to themselves?
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Conflict of interest First World War
"Football's decision to play on after the outbreak of the First World War at the end of July 1914 was a source of controversy and for some an issue of morality. The debate it provoked said a lot about football's place in society and echoed earlier arguments between the amateur and professional games and between north and south. As The Wednesday met Middlesbrough in the first match of the 1914-15 season on September 1, newspapers reported the British Expeditionary Force's retreat at Mons, in western Belgium. Criticism of football's decision to carry on soon began to appear. Arthur Conan Doyle, recruited to contribute to wartime propaganda, exhorted footballers with 'strength of limb' to serve and march to the battlefield." Buy here to read the full article

331 MOTMLiverpool 2 Manchester City 2

Playing on a baseball pitch in New York
"I have a little yellow ticket stub, frayed at the edges, one of the old printed kind, neither computer generated nor spat out by the laser printer at home. It is for a New York Cosmos game in 1976 at Yankee Stadium, the venue for their home games that year. I remember nothing of that 1976 game except that Pelé played and there was a big crowd. Everything has changed since – certainly everything in football in the US. Even The Stadium (it's always called The Stadium) is different. A new version opened in 2009, built as a modernised copy of the original and keeping its sponsor-free name. You know, all that history and tradition must be upheld when you've won 27 titles." Buy here to read the full article

Reel history FA Cup archive footage
"A while ago it struck me: I can reel off the names of FA Cup winners from 20 years before my birth, but ask me who won in 2004, or 2010, and I'd have to Google. A shocking realisation, that. Is this what happens, as we grow old and stupid? Or has the gradual cheapening of the football season's supposed climax taken its toll? This three-and-a-half-hour DVD, comprising Pathé News coverage of every Cup final from 1920 to 1969 – most of which can now be seen for free on Pathé's YouTube channel – is a sharp reminder of how big a deal this fixture once was. Better, it goes beyond the clips we know too well, and dares to show us things we don't know well enough." Buy here to read the full article

331 LastWordOrdinary people Celebrating mediocrity
"Mediocrity is undervalued nowadays. The word is used pejoratively, as if being mediocre were a failure. The modern school becomes overnight a desolate and blasted place when graded 'satisfactory' by Ofsted, workers across the country lose out on performance-related pay with the same rating. It is not enough to do enough. And football, being a microcosm of the larger world, suffers from the same sickness: the constant pursuit and glorification of excellence." Buy here to read the full article

Red Bull row in Germany
Ukrainian league crisis
UEFA ban Red Star Belgrade
Celtic's forgotten hero
Decline in home advantage
Newcastle's media dealings
Tragic career of Arsenal's Paul Vaessen
Coventry's stadium complexities
New Matt Busby film
Exeter's trip to Brazil
Leyton buzzing after takeover
St Albans v Watford photo feature
Focus on Spurs' 1986 team
Carlos Valderrama and Colombia's peace process
Sheffield Wednesday, Lens and the Land of Fire

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