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- World Cup 2014 special
- England: playing the blame game
- Teamwork triumphs in Germany
- Return of attacking football
- A month travelling around Brazil
- 7-1: the hosts' humiliation

Positive impact Playing styles
"It was the reversion to a normal ball design or the more liberal approach of the referees. It could have been the trend for attacking full-backs, the South American "vibe" or the humidity that tired the players out and left more time and space in the last half hour. Or the fact that heavily one-sided games now belong to the past. There were a lot of theories about why Brazil 2014 featured so much positive play, and so many exciting games, in its group stages. There is no doubt some truth in all of the above, but something was missing from this discussion. One of the unmentioned reasons why most fans enjoyed this tournament so much was, for better or worse, the workings of capitalism." Buy here to read the full article

330 TravelThe World Cup has landed

A month travelling around Brazil
"If Brazil 2014 was perhaps not quite the World Cup of World Cups that the schmaltzified government TV adverts had promised – the ads themselves were condemned by federal prosecutors as "absurdly divorced from reality" – it was at least a very good World Cup to watch, and indeed to cover as an English journalist. Frantic, sweaty, tearful, riven with political interests: but enough about the English press, this was Brazil's tournament and from the opening night in São Paulo, for all the backstories of unfinished stadiums, abandoned projects and vanished public money, it was clear the government-funded organising committee were absolutely determined to pull the whole thing together one way or another." Buy here to read the full article

States of play US fans fall for World Cup
"Featuring shouty tabloids, beery patriotism, desperate merchandising and the distinctive tones of Jon Champion and Steve McManaman, watching the World Cup in New York will have felt oddly familiar for any British expats. Football was everywhere – for better or worse. If the sport itself still hasn't quite cracked the American mainstream, the World Cup certainly has. The US team's four games were all rich in drama and tension, engaging casual fans and countering stereotypes held by followers of more traditional stateside sports. While pre-tournament American optimism had been dampened by a difficult group draw, it was reignited within 29 seconds by Clint Dempsey's quick goal against Ghana." Buy here to read the full article

330 TVDouble vision Battle of the TV pundits
"In the end, ITV were just more Brazilian than the BBC. While the BBC dipped their toe in the country, ITV went at it like first-time tourists, changing straight into shorts and sandals, charging down to the beach right after checking in and talking in stilted English about football to foreigners. Where the BBC set up their expeditionary force of Match of the Day abroad, ITV's team appeared the more excited at being there, eager to make the most of their short stay. This feeling was personified by Ian Wright during the World Cup opening ceremony programme, as he scampered about Copacabana beach, buttonholing passers-by and pointing out the landmarks quickly before he forgot their names. 'Intoxicated on his own exuberance,' as Adrian Chiles observed on the return to the studio." Buy here to read the full article

World Cup diary – relive Brazil 2014
WSC wrietrs' competition winners
Luis Suárez makes his mark
Around Brazil's stadiums and fan parks in photos
Pundits' new way to dismiss foreign players
How online betting changed the market
Spain focus on steady progress
Argentina's stars miss their chance
Becoming a pundit
WSC Survey

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