Focus on improving playing side of club

icon moneyman20 February ~ Blackpool supporters are starting a campaign to express their dissatisfaction at the lack of investment in the club. Tim Fielding, chairman of Seasiders Independent Supporters Association (SISA), says: "With enormous revenues from our time in the Premier League, SISA members feel that a greater share of those monies need to be invested into the playing side and the general infrastructure of the club – particularly the training ground. A number of initiatives were voted upon at a recent meeting and this Saturday, February 22, will see the first of our proposed demonstrations."

SISA have designed and printed 5,000 "£90 million notes" which volunteers will hand out around the ground prior to the Birmingham game. These signs have an image of a mock £90 million note on one side and the statement aimed at the owners, "Oystons Must Put Football First" on the reverse side.  On the 19th minute, those taking part will raise the signs with the side displaying the £90 million and chant "Where's the money gone?" Then, on the 53rd minute, they will put up the reverse side with fans being asked to once more raise the roof with a chorus of "We love you Blackpool, we do".

SISA also add that this demonstration is entirely about investment and transparency – it is neither aimed at, nor a reflection on the team. The playing staff retain their unwavering support. Further, this is not about removing the current owners – it is entirely about a larger proportion of the club's income being spent on the footballing side of the business and greater openness in regard to the club's finances and plans for the future.

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