Notable kits of yesteryear

Arsenal92-9423 January ~ Arsenal are top of the Premier League, having finally found a defensive resilience to accompany their attacking fluency. Perhaps its the partnership that Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker have founded, or the return of Mathieu Flamini to shield the back four. On the other hand, it could be that the Gunners have brought back the dark trim to their shirts. This distinctive flash of black on the sleeves was last seen on Arsenal's home shirt worn from 1992 to 1994, a period which coincided with the peak of the club's famous defence, culminating in the Cup-Winners Cup triumph over Parma on May 4, 1994.

The shirt stands out for numerous reasons. As the last home shirt to be made by Adidas, it also featured a centralised team crest neatly tucked underneath a v-neck collar and the Adidas logo. The stripes on the sleeves are the standout feature, so often seen waved in the air as the Arsenal back line pulled off a successful offside trap once again.

It was also the last shirt to bring Arsenal European glory. A year later Nayim ended any hopes of the Gunners retaining the Cup-Winners Cup, and the closest Arsenal have come since then was the Champions League final defeat to Barcelona in 2006. The dark stripes are back on the sleeves for 2014, which is just as well, because Arsenal's next European tie is against Bayern Munich. Owen Morgan

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