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Name changes gone wrong
Trophy presentations
Man Utd fans protect Old Trafford
Germany's doping scandal
Spurs ticket trouble
Bobby Charlton – quiz show star

Moving stories New Harry Pearson column

"In recent years football at the highest level has become so bombastic a Champions League full-back can't blow snot out of a nostril without the accompaniment of Wagner. Little wonder then that nowadays all transfer deals are sagas. Admittedly the use of the term is a little unfair on the inventors of the saga, the Norsemen. Because while the sagas of Njal, Egil, Hrafnkel and the rest have their tedious passages these are at least leavened with sporadic outbursts of violence, hill-giants, betrayal, beheadings and sea monsters. Sadly the same cannot be said of this summer's transfer sagas – Rooney to Chelsea, Fabregas to Manchester United, Bale to Real, Bent to just about anywhere he hasn't been already." Buy here to read the full article

320 MOTMStevenage 0 Leyton Orient 1

Orient as a Big Red Club
"Among the most famous cultural exports from Stevenage are the acclaimed Goth band Fields Of The Nephilim. I interviewed them back in 1986, when the then Stevenage Borough were just ten years old. It seems that the Nephilim's flour-strewn brand of 'spaghetti metal' was inspired by their sheer antipathy for their hometown. 'A concrete mess. All roundabouts and ringroads, no character,' complained their guitarist, while frontman Carl McCoy remarked of the town planning: 'It's like they take nature – and sod it up.'" Buy here to read the full article

Awards show Trophy presentations
"The 2013 Confederations Cup trophy presentation just wouldn't end. First the best players, scorers and goalie of the tournament received awards, then every member of the Spain, Brazil and refereeing team was festooned with medallions, hugs and kisses from a line of dignitaries. Finally, Thiago Silva lifted the trophy sometime around Tuesday. If something went memorably wrong during that ceremony I was too bored to notice. This was not Mark Wright clearly bellowing 'You fucking beauty!' in front of the Duchess of Kent as he lifted the 1992 FA Cup for Liverpool." Buy here to read the full article

320 BobbyQuiz master Bobby Charlton on TV
"Pub quiz question: What links disgraced pop svengali Phil Spector with Bobby Charlton? Answer: four teddy bears. It is February 1959, a few days away from the first anniversary of the Munich air disaster. The newspapers are filled with first-hand reminiscences of the tragic event and one of its most prominent survivors is at Wembley being asked questions. He is starting to suffer cold sweats. Is it, he is asked, because he is recalling the terrible crash? Not at all." Buy here to read the full article

Hull City become Tigers
Promoting the Premier League in New York
Who hates who: unusual rivalries
Bradford City mascot sacked
Controversial new club in Hungary
Minnows dropped for Euro 2016?
Bristol City's new ground standing plans
First live TV league game
When next for NextGen?
England lose Hope
Scotland's lowest point
Unfair lower-league punishments
Black coaches struggle for work
Frank McAvennie's action-packed career
Gala Fairydean Rovers get started
Reviews: the Matthews final; nicknames; Wales; football self help

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