Notable kits of yesteryear

Ross97-9829 August ~ There is little that induces the nostalgic pang for the beginning of Ross County's Scottish Football League adventure than the home kit from 1997-98. The shirt remains particularly striking because the double-vertical lines have not been used before or since. If anything, the shirt resembles a butcher's uniform, which is appropriately symbolic for the close community feel that the club was known for.

I remember going to the ground the day after Boxing day 1997 as a 12-year-old boy with my father to purchase that shirt, after being gifted some money at Christmas. The person who greeted us at the stadium's reception was delighted to help us but required the keys to the club shop.

An impromptu tour of the stadium followed, with my father and I following the club employee to the manager's office, to the players' changing rooms, through the tunnel and then along the pitch to find the caretaker who was holding on to the keys. That kind of personal touch is still found at the club with every visit to the renovated ground, from free unused pies given out to away supporters at the end of the match, to the offer of transport to fans when weather or other circumstances make attending difficult.

That season was notable for the emergence of current manager Derek Adams as a player, who scored a hat-trick in a 3-1 win over Brechin City in the first home match after I acquired my first County football shirt. John Maxwell

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