Research shows investors drying up

icon moneyman13 August ~ New research by the business advisory and accountancy firm BDO has shown that British football clubs are starting to get to grips with the Financial Fair Play rules. However, it also reveals a continued reliance on wealthy owners, while more than a third of clubs are up for sale. The answer, acknowledged by BDO and highlighted by Supporters Direct, is the German model of supporter ownership that delivers sustainability as well as commercial and sporting success by putting fans at the heart of the game's infrastructure.

In response to the BDO research Supporters Direct chief executive David Lampitt said: "With so many clubs up for sale, it is increasingly obvious that the pool of investors is fast drying up. Supporter ownership is the obvious answer – putting clubs back at the centre of their communities for the long term, making them more open and better run. We've seen this happen successfully at numerous clubs from Swansea to Portsmouth via Exeter, Wimbledon and Wycombe Wanderers. Football and the Government should be doing all they can to make it easier for supporters to take ownership of football clubs. It is not an alternative model of ownership; it is the best model of ownership, full stop."

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