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Man Utd – global business
The legend of Bill Shankly
South American superflags
Fans protest Coventry move
Fulham's Fayed farewell
Why I have a soft spot for Port Vale

wsc319 Preview2013-14 Season Guide
Previewing the four English divisions, the Scottish Premiership and contains a Conference round-up. There are predictions for each team and overall tables for the leagues, so you can see where others are expecting your club to finish. It also includes likes and dislikes from last season as well as the best and worst moments. Plus what your club have contributed to football, from inventing the League to keeping the pitch in trim by using sheep that lived in the toilets.
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Mistaken identity
Wolverhampton pub team on tour
"Many Wolves supporters must have choked on their breakfasts one summer's day in 1973 when they read in the Daily Mail that their team had suffered a humiliating 21-0 defeat in a friendly in Germany. Reading the Express and Star later that day would have brought relief and perhaps a smile to their faces. The truth was even more bizarre. The German team SVW Mainz had indeed beaten a team from Wolverhampton, but one that most Wolves supporters had probably never heard of." Buy here to read the full article

319 MOTMHartlepool Utd 0 Middlesbrough 0

Pre-season at Victoria Park
"The Test match is on at Lord's, the open golf at Muirfield and the Tour de France is reaching its climax. In Hartlepool there's a fair. Bunches of kids are walking the pavements clutching plastic bags with goldfish in them. The football season seems far, far away, though of course it isn't. These days football, like rust, never sleeps." Buy here to read the full article

Writers' block Non-League programmes
"Those who purchase matchday programmes at the sixth tier of non-League football are a small but unforgiving crowd. Standard critiques rarely vary from 'nowt in it' or 'just a load of bloody adverts'. If you're after praise then the best you can really hope for is a grudging silence before they disappear off to the clubhouse to compare your pie and peas against the rest of the football pyramid." Buy here to read the full article

319 ShanklyBore and Peace Bill Shankly book
"Now and then, football tempts an unwary novelist. It rarely ends well. David Peace's best-known book, The Damned Utd, was arguably his worst. It promised so much – a stylistically daring novel by one of our brightest authors, written from the narrowed perspective of a bitter, humiliated Brian Clough – but ended in a libel suit, a lousy film and (for me, at least) a shrugged 'so what?'." Buy here to read the full article

Swearing is good for your health
Premier League targets China
A history of football journalism
The first ever Football League
Celtic players in disguise
The Nikola Zigic enigma
Sheffield United's 1899 FA Cup
Fish, chips and football
Sebia's second city woes
Mansfield Town open day
Corsican clubs complain
Football divided in Switzerland
Greenland's icy reception
Reviews: the Matthews final; nicknames; Wales; football self help

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