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Blog celebrates history of the goal net

Campaign to end uniformity

icon goalposts6 June ~ The locations of some of the greatest goals of all time are identifiable not by the players involved but by the nets the ball ends up in. The History of Goal Nets blog celebrates how clubs and countries created an individual identity with the way they suspended their nets. It includes plenty of videos from yesteryear and a campaign to scrap uniformity in time for next year's World Cup in Brazil.

On the subject...

Comment on 07-06-2013 11:11:12 by Kevchenko #806774
Superb. I'd been thinking about our glorious old yellow nets, since everyone seems to have a white box net these days. Not only were they yellow, they just hung off the D rather than being propped up.
Comment on 07-06-2013 16:28:39 by Bootleg Mark Chapman #806932
Ah Jaysus. It's sunny outside for the first time in what seems like years, and now I'm going to be on this site all weekend.

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