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MyFootballClub give up control of Ebbsfleet

Shares transferred to supporters' trust

icon myfc26 April ~ The MyFootballClub experiment appears to have ended after their members voted to relinquish control of Ebbsfleet United. The online group had owned 75 per cent of shares in the club but have transferred 50 per cent to the Fleet Trust and the remaining 25 per cent to former chairman Phil Sonsara. It brings to an end a model of ownership that has been in place at Ebbsfleet since 2008 and allows their supporters a larger say in what happens to their club. More details of the deal can be found on Kent Online.

Comment on 26-04-2013 15:10:45 by Janik #791069
allows their supporters MyFootballClub members a larger say in what happens to their someone elses club

There, corrected for you.

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