World Book Day

icon monday7 March ~ It's World Book Day today and, while very few lend themselves to fancy dress, WSC has published a fair few books over the years. Offside, the first When Saturday Comes annual, was released in 1989 while The First Eleven (a collection of the first 11 issues of the magazine) came out in the mid-1990s. These have now sold out – though a few crop up on Ebay every now and then – but there are still plenty of other titles available.

Morbo: The Story of Spanish Football by Phil Ball was the first English-language history of football in Spain and a new edition was released in 2011 following the success of their national team. Tor! by Ulrich Hesse holds the same status on the German game, tracing the path from a country with no national league before the 1960s to one of the most powerful and successful footballing countries in the world.

Soccer In A Football World by the late David Wangerin charts the long fight of US soccer, from humiliations to hard-won respectability. Elephants, Lions & Eagles is Filippo Maria Ricci's journey through African football while Dave Hill's Out Of His Skin is an examination of racism and John Barnes's move to Liverpool. We have also put together Up Front, a collection of some of the best (and worst) WSC covers from the first 25 years and the Always Next Year series.

Over the past quarter of a century the business of football publishing has boomed. The book reviews page of the magazine has been a stalwart for years and they are all available online a month after the magazine goes on sale. Taylor Parkes' review of Lovejoy On Football, from WSC 250, is now virtually immovable as the site's most-read article. More recently David Harrison praised Martin Kelner's Sit Down And Cheer, while Harry Pearson's review of The Footballer Who Could Fly will be online from next week – along with the others from WSC 313.

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