Notable kits of yesteryear

anyang15031 January ~ This shirt's simple red design is not in any way unusual or exotic. But it is treasured by fans of Anyang LG Cheetahs as it was the team's last ever shirt. The club, which started out in 1984 as Lucky-Goldstar Football Club, won the South Korean K-League, Asia's oldest professional league, in 2000 but three years on they finished eighth. The star striker of 2000 Choi Yong-soo had left for Japan while Lee Young-pyo had departed for PSV Eindhoven.

The club was owned by the conglomerate LG whose rivalry with Samsung in the electronics market was mirrored by a fierce rivalry on the pitch between Anyang and nearby Suwon Samsung Bluewings. Ahead of the 2004 season, LG decided to move the team from Anyang, a satellite city of Seoul, to the capital itself and rename them FC Seoul.

The new team would play in the Seoul World Cup stadium that had been lying empty, while Anyang fans were left without a club to support. Until now – a professional team will return to Anyang in 2013 and fans can finally wear that plain red shirt to a game once again. John Duerden

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