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Norwich City v Luton Town, FA Cup semi-final, 1959

25 January ~ Premier League Norwich City will go into their FA Cup fourth-round tie against Luton Town of the Conference this weekend knowing they are favourites. However, that would not always have been the case. In the 1959 FA Cup Norwich City were a Division Three South team yet reached the semi-finals. There they lost to Luton Town of Division One, who went on to lose the final to Nottingham Forest.

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Comment on 25-01-2013 14:52:53 by geobra #755199
A wonderful piece of nostalgia for anyone who was already watching football in 1959. Thank you.

You only have to look at the faces of the fans to know that the match day experience was so different then. They have a simple, innocent, almost naive joy about them that it is hard to find today. Except perhaps in Bradford and, if we forget the 17-year-old 'ballboy', maybe Swansea too.
Comment on 25-01-2013 20:17:31 by Various Artist #755358
Thanks a lot for putting this video link up – I wasn't born until 20 years after this legendary Canaries cup run (and didn't start following them for nearly a decade after that), and have never seen the footage before, so this is marvellous. Lovely song too – was particularly amused by how the singer's narration laments the loss of those golden days of football compared with the modern pampered, over-paid prima donnas on "a thousand pounds a week"! What the heck would an up-to-date version say??
Comment on 26-01-2013 19:08:21 by geobra #755602
A small and perhaps pedantic quibble. 1958-59 was the first season of Divisions 3 and 4, so Norwich were not a Division 3 South team, just Division 3.

Agree with the above comment about the song - it's great, and rounds off the whole magical offering perfectly.

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