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Champions League finance
Poppy controversies
Non-League programmes
Arsenal and Man City's "struggles"
Wimbledon, Milton Keynes and Ireland

Screen grab Taking over American TV
"It may be time to retire the question: 'Will football ever catch on in the United States?' Not just because millions of people play the game in the US at all levels and age groups. Or that the continually expanding Major League Soccer (MLS) has now finished its 17th season, with crowds up for the third year running. It's all down to money and the mainstream. Freeview television network NBC has bought the rights to broadcast the Premier League for three years, starting with the 2013-14 season, and it's reportedly paying around $250 million (£158m) for the privilege." Buy here to read the full article

wsc311 supp2The When Saturday Comes Football Book

Celebrating The Christmas Annual
"Fred Kaplan, in his book The Year That Changed Everything, suggests that 1959 was when our modern age began. However, among all the politics, science and culture he covers, Kaplan somehow fails to consider the legions of schoolboys up and down the UK unwrapping the very first Topical Times Football Book on Christmas Day that year. The cover had Bobby Charlton smacking a leather ball out of a pillar-box red background and a detail of England playing beneath an Archibald Leitch stand; in the background, above the kop, red-brick chimneys are visible against the sky." Buy here to read the full article

Short shrift West Brom players' tracksuit strike
"Most trivia buffs know that The Hawthorns is the highest League ground at 551 feet above sea level. West Bromwich Albion's former training ground at Spring Road is just half a mile away at similar lofty heights – to the east there is no higher ground until the Urals. When it gets cold it gets very cold indeed and training for professional footballers in the uplands of Smethwick was no fun. On December 10, 1963 the Albion players made the seemingly innocent request that they be allowed to train in tracksuit bottoms. Manager Jimmy Hagan refused the request. There followed two weeks of comedy drama that kept the Baggies in the headlines and supporters of rival clubs hugely entertained." Buy here to read the full article

311 NorwichNorwich City 1 Manchester United 0

Altered states of mind
"I once knew a bloke from Liverpool who'd take LSD on a Saturday morning before he set off for Anfield (he was a supporter, incidentally, in case anyone's thinking the performances of Djimi Traoré suddenly make a lot more sense). I think he hoped to gain some kind of cosmic insight into something or other – the profound truths of geometry, perhaps, or the oneness of humanity apart from those bastards over there – but he stopped doing it in the end, because apparently most weeks he'd just end up staring at the linesman's flag going up and down the touchline. Quite hypnotic, so he said." Buy here to read the full article

Unfairness of handball
Spurs in Europe 1971-74
Scottish reconstruction
Notts County anniversary
Mark Clemmit's characters
Portsmouth's final hurdle
Right-wing Romans
Cost of lower-league football
Ebbsfleet experiment
Spain oppose Gibraltar
Czech-Slovak league
Russian family ties
Europeans go Brazilian
Asian Champions League
Kenya's successful formula
Reviews of Sit Down And Cheer; Game Changer; Goal-Post: Victorian Football and We Are Celtic Supporters

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