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Hillsborough report special
Rangers' new derby
Comic book heroes and Jossy's Giants
Players hit back at taunting fans
Premier League teams pick up bargains

Just cause The Hillsborough families' search for truth
"And so the wait is over. On September 12, some 23 years on, previously unseen government and police documents, in tandem with the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report into the tragedy, were finally released to the public. The results were damning. As the families of the victims had insisted all along, Liverpool fans were found to be blameless for what happened on that horrifying afternoon in April 1989. The report confirmed the suspicions of the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG) – that senior police officers, officials and those in the emergency services had not only altered testimony to absolve themselves of any culpability for the deaths, but had actively sought to implicate innocent Liverpool fans instead." Buy here to read the full article

309 BarrowAFC Barrow 0 Newport County 3

Waiting for the referee
"Anyone who grew up in an industrial northern town in the 1970s is bound to feel a queasy jolt of nostalgia when they walk up Holker Street. There are strings of red brick terraced houses, a scent of rain on tarmac, net curtains, a teenage couple snogging ferociously on the steps of the Territorial Army Training Centre, old men in blue overcoats and flat caps walking wispy-haired mongrels on home-made rope leads. As I walk past the British Legion I have such a sense of having stepped back in time. I fully expect an acne-barnacled 16-year-old yobbo with a Ziggy Stardust haircut, a calf-length leather coat, Oxford bags and platform-soled shoes in a black-and-monkey-shit tan will come round a corner, yell, 'Ow, I want you!' and chase me down the street threatening to kick my head in." Buy here to read the full article

Comic effects The disappearance of fictional football heroes
"For almost 50 years the reality of the game was shadowed by comic strip players. Chief among them was Roy Race – the man who made 'real Roy of the Rovers stuff' a commentary cliche for the ages. There were many more spanning the strata of football worlds – from the secondary school antics of Billy's Boots and Tommy's Troubles, through Hebridean superman Hot Shot Hamish to the odd-couple Chelsey brothers Jack and Jimmy in Scorcher and Score. These players gave us all someone else to cheer for, even when there was not a 'real' match on; a second team to secretly get behind – you can still buy Melchester Rovers replica shirts online. Gradually they disappeared. The last weekly Roy of the Rovers comic was published in 1993 and the last new story featuring the character at all, by then relegated to a single page in the monthly Match of the Day magazine, in 2001." Buy here to read the full article

309 Scrabble Word association Scrabble with Mick Harford
"One of the common complaints against Twitter is that it doesn't let you truly interact with the famous people you admire. Sure, you can read their posts but the desperate 'Please retweet me!' messages are usually as close as most will get to having their own thoughts acknowledged in return. So it was shock when Luton legend Mick Harford tweeted his username for Scrabble-alike online game Words With Friends (WWF), inviting people to take him on. A low-key presence on Twitter, usually limiting himself to affable cracks about golf and score predictions, for Luton fans it was as unlikely a post as Paul McCartney offering to co-write your demos." Buy here to read the full article

Roy Carroll's new life
Maradona documentary
QPR's hunt for a new ground
FA plunder West Brom
LLanelli are looking for fans
Lazio find Tottenham in transition
Living the high life in Ross-shire
Rangers at Hampden but in the League
Premier League clubs's transfer power
Sid Waddell's football creation
Focus on John McGovern
Racism in Russia with Zenit
Kosovans playing for Switzerland and Albania
Turkey's socialist left-winger
Skelmersdale's Amateur Cup adventures
Tough treatment in Buenos Aires
Magic Jordan on the up
When players give the abuse back to fans
Reviews of Red Card Roy; I Am The Secret Footballer; The Binman Chronicles; Proud to be a Swan

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