On you can log all your collected memorabilia, such as programmes, teamsheets, tickets, shirts, scarves, badges, pins, flags, postcards and so on. At the moment almost 37,500 collectables have been posted by members. Once you add a ticket or programme to a specific match it is automatically added to your collection.

This way you will always keep track of your personal collection of memorabilia. It is almost like your own museum, open at all hours of every day. You can also let other people enjoy your collection – it deserves to be seen by more fans and would be a waste to hide it away.

Of course, it works both ways and you can also view the collections of other fans; it might even help you to complete your collection. You can search for collectables of a specific match that you are missing and see if there are other fans that possess these items, maybe even approach them and try to swap memorabilia.

Logging your collection on FootballFans is not only about displaying your own collection online it is also about getting in touch with other fans and sharing your experiences with them. You can join FootballFans for free by clicking here.

Find out more and sign up to for free here

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