We recently showed you how to build your own profile on, to allow you to create a record of the matches you've been to and grounds you've visited. It's quick and easy to build up a record of matches you've attended. Just go to the Matches page along the top of the website and type the club you are looking for into the home or away box.

When the team has been selected all of their matches from the database will appear, most recent first. To the left of each match there is a small ball icon: clicking this to turn it green indicates it's a match you've been to, clicking it again will deselect it. You can select all the matches at all the grounds you've been to this way from a database of over one million games. It should be possible to add up to 500 games to your profile in an hour, if you've been to that many.

Once you've followed or unfollowed your favourite teams and selected matches you've been to, FootballFans allows you to add various different media to make your profile more detailed. Click the My Profile button along the top bar and see an overview of your profile. One option from here is the My Visits tab. Selecting a match you've been to brings up its own set of tabs: clicking the Media button for a particular match presents you with the chance to add photos or videos you may have taken at a game, while you can also submit your own match reports.

Simply click the relevant Add Photo or Add Video button to add these items to your profile. The Collectables section allows you to upload ticket stubs or covers from the match programme, while you can give the fixture a star rating in the My Visit section. You can do the same with the stadiums you've been to as well as specific matches.

You can follow the profile of fellow FootballFans users and read their schedule to see if you are planning on attending the same future fixtures. The Fans tab at the top of the website allows you to search users. You can click View All Fans and search them according to games attended, grounds visited or planned future fixtures using the drop down bar in the middle of the page. You can then subscribe to their updates, see where they've been and how they have rated matches and gain an overview of their overall experiences of games.

In following them you can see in the Scheduler if there are any upcoming games you are both going to attend. There is a button that allows you to send private messages if you want to discuss travelling there together or meeting up at the game. This can be found under the username and above the assorted tabs on their profile.

Make your own contributions as well as listing which matches you've been to and enhance your profile to help the FootballFans community grow, while also browsing through fellow fans' experiences.

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