At some point between all the turkey and football that tends to fill the Christmas holidays, you may find yourself with a bit of spare time. If that's the case it may be the perfect moment to log on to and build your football fan record. It's a way to bring all your adventures following the sport together with like-minded individuals from across the world, and here's how to get started.

Click on the "My Profile" button along the top and we will start with the Overview tab, which shows the highlights of your life as a football fan. On the top right you can see the badge of your favourite team. To select one type their name into the search bar at the top and go to their page. Below their name you can tag them as your favourite – from now on that badge will appear on your profile.

All your recently posted media and activities will appear in the middle of your Overview page, while you can update your fan details on the right by going to "My Profile" then "Change Settings". That is also where you can upload your avatar and connect the account to your Facebook and Twitter.

The badges of honour down the right-hand side indicate the number of matches you attend or the number of grounds that you have visited. If you become a certain team's top fan you will get unique badges displayed there, showing off your prowess. These only appear for the top performers on the site so it is impressive to achieve them and hard work to keep them. Your personal statistics – match and stadium visits, your overall ranking on the site and how far along you are with the achievements – are displayed below this.

The middle of the page is where you will find your personal favourites. These are split into three tabs; Teams, Matches and Stadiums. Setting these works the same as choosing your favourite team earlier and you can subscribe to as many as you want. All the activity related to the team will be displayed in Fan Updates for you to see. To add stadiums and matches search for them and mark them as either "impressive" or "memorable", but only to the ones you have selected as visited and attended.

On the bottom of the page there is a public wall to post comments under your profile. And on the right you can see the fans that you follow or the ones following you. You can follow or un-follow a fan by going to his profile and click (un)follow. By following a fan you can see in the Scheduler where he or she is going and maybe attend matches together. You can also see where he has been in the matches page by selecting the right option in the bottom right select box.

If you have done all of that you are well on your way to building your FootballFans profile but there is always more to come; next time we'll look at Visits.

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