THE HALF DECENT FOOTBALL MAGAZINE was set up for supporters around the world who attend matches at any level. It is designed to help fans share their experiences with like-minded individuals, allowing them to log the stadiums and matches they have been to, upload photos, find local games and swap memorabilia, experiences and opinions.

Groundhoppers might be proud of reaching 100 different stadiums but try collecting the 12,500 this website has in its database. Once you have registered you can select your favourite team and quickly pick out the games you have attended from a database of 800,000 covering 330 competitions worldwide.

Over 120,000 pictures and 20,000 videos have already been uploaded by other fans and you can add your own to that, showing a unique side of football the pitchside photographers don't always capture. You can find out who else attended the same matches as you and, more importantly, who will be at your next game to meet up for a drink.

If you find yourself stuck for something to do or craving some football in a new place, their quick match locator lets you have a look to see where and when the nearest game is. Just choose your location, enter how far you are willing to travel and take your pick. After the match you can log on and write your own report on the whole experience.

WSC and FootballFans are working together to exchange content and ideas, so you might even find your own photos featured on the home page.

Find out more and sign up to here

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