24 May ~ Most fans accept that England are not good enough to win Euro 2012. Perhaps everyone has learned from embarrassing errors in judgement in the past. When the draw for the Euro 84 qualifiers put England in a group with Denmark, Hungary, Greece and Luxembourg, progression to the tournament was seen as a formality. In the end, the repercussions from losing out to an underestimated Danish side almost cost Bobby Robson his job. After the disastrous campaign Robson offered his resignation, suggesting that Brian Clough should take over. Steve Pye recounts the whole story on That 1980s Sports Blog.

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Comment by donedmundo 2012-05-25 11:25:42

Only two years ago at the World Cup in South Africa the Sun's front page headline when the groups were drawn:
E ngland
A lgeria
S lovenia
Y anks
What makes you think it will be any different this time?

Comment by Dalef65 2012-05-25 16:13:51

This year,for the first time since about 1980,England are going into a tournament without the usual hype,hubris and fanfare....

Perhaps this is just what we need,and it might enable us to slip under the radar and actually give a halfway decent account of ourselves this time around...

Shock,horror,... we might even do a Greece

Oops there I go again....

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