Since its rebranding in 2004, the Championship has positioned itself as the league for 'proper' football. This marketing of authenticity, a move away from the glitz, glamour and money of the Premier League and European competition, has been hugely successful and made it more popular than many top tier leagues around the continent. But, argues James Bennet for the FCF, isn't it just a smaller version of the Premier League?

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Comment by Dalef65 2012-04-06 21:17:41

"Championship Isnt all it is cracked up to be".......???

The author needs to make up his mind what he thinks the Championship IS trying to say,doesnt he...?

By his own admission the marketing and the distancing itself from the PL has worked so well that the Championship is now more popular than many top-tier leagues around the World...

I dont see anything wrong in that at all..

What exactly is he complaining about..?

The fact that some clubs are bigger than others..?
The fact that Torquay are a "smaller" club...?
Or does it rile him that clubs at the top end of the championship are hell bent on getting into the PL....?

Struggling to see anything to complain about on these issues..

The EPPP however is a slightly different matter..

Comment by drew_whitworth 2012-04-10 12:31:04

I was not at the Amex when Ipswich were there, but even if there was a separate banner about the EPPP, I hope the author is sure he is distinguishing it from a banner with a different message entirely: see

Comment by drew_whitworth 2012-04-10 12:38:20

Oh, and I meant also to say that there is no oxymoron in 'American Express' and 'Community' when the company has been based in the city of Brighton & Hove for decades. There is a difference between a business supporting its own home community and one which is just parachuting itself in (Emirates, Etihad, etc.)

Comment by Adam Wilson 2012-04-11 12:10:15

I hadn't realised the gap in TV funding between the Championship and League 1 - no wonder Portsmouth are in such jeapordy. There's a lot to be said for the play-offs in keeping things lively right to the end of the season (look at where Leicester now find themselves after a mediocre season). I love the bangs and crashes of the Championship which generally makes it hard to predict - Leeds relegated after a play-off final, Forest crashing this year, blick and you'll miss Blackpool, Southampton, Swansea as they hurtle upwards. Then watch the falls of Coventry, Portsmouth, Sheffield Utd. What chance Wigan when they finally go down?

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