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The down side of the domination of Lionel Messi and Barcelona
Corinthian spirit in São Paulo and Surrey
Remembering how Oldham were fantastic in plastic
Mario Balotelli's weak knowledge of Manchester rock bands
The rise of Irish exports to the Premier League
Two travellers take a tour through European football
Winterthur serve spirits and squash in Switzerland

Stage fright Footballers on film
"Though it is easy to see why those engaged in one performative discipline awash with cash and fan adulation may be eager to try their hand at another, history is littered with examples of footballers turning to acting with distinctly mixed results. In largely well received new thriller Switch, Eric Cantona brings his usual brooding charisma to the role of Damien Forgeat, a detective on the trail of a young woman accused of murder. With the talent, versatility and self-confidence to match his ambition, Cantona has carved out an impressive acting career, beginning with a small role in Shekhar Kapur's period drama Elizabeth, packing in a host of serious-minded French-language fare and peaking with a sly, perfectly judged turn in Ken Loach's drama Looking For Eric." Buy here to read the full article

Coventry City 1, Birmingham City 1

Dark days for the Sky Blues

"Forget fancy notions of skill and tactics. Relegation battles, the professionals tell us, are about belief. Nobody – not the manager, players or supporters – believes Coventry can stay up more than the psychotically optimistic radio presenter I am listening to on the way to the game. For him, survival is almost guaranteed. 'All we have to do,' he insists, 'is win our remaining five home games.' He is not deflated by the fact they have managed only seven victories all season." Buy here to read the full article

Housing crash Anger at Arsenal
"A lot of accusations have been levelled at Arsenal fans recently, claiming we are a spoilt bunch of ingrates who have no right demanding better from our team. We are told we should be happy where we are because things could always be worse. I do not go to games any more, partly because modern-day prices are a rip-off, but when I put myself in the position of Arsenal season ticket holders I came to the conclusion that, if I spent that kind of money for admission, I too would be incredibly demanding. If I were to pay the highest ticket prices in world football, I would expect something near to the highest standards in world football. After all, fans of clubs like Arsenal are told that if you want the best you have to pay for it." Buy here to read the full article

Responsible parties Rogue models
"As anybody who has ever read about footballers letting off fireworks in their bathroom, visiting nightspots midweek or doing any number of things involving shopping trolleys and trousers round the ankles knows, it is down to their 'lack of maturity'. Footballers, who are often 'cocooned' in 'bubbles', will simply not grow up because the clubs will not let them. Popular definitions of maturity are often at best nebulous. For some people, a cheese that does not smell of sewage cannot be mature, however old it is. The age of mature whisky varies between 'primary school' and 'key to the door'. Mature sex objects with dubious acronyms can apparently be any age at all. Acceptable maturity levels for young men appear to depend on whether they are footballers or not." Buy here to read the full article


The FA drop the ball to the clubs and leagues
Airbus take off in north Wales
Sepp Blatter wants referees to go full-time for 2014
The proposed return of Football Specials
Wealdstone host Newport County in the FA Trophy
A Sheffield Wednesday fan assesses the rise of Dave Richards
Why players should play over the Christmas holidays
Derby fans enjoy a trip to Portugal in the European Cup
Leeds try to ban their own fans
Mike Straight's all-consuming passion for Chelsea
Spain's loss is Europe's loss too
The questionable legacy of Jörg Haider
Mixed reviews of mixed materials in Moscow
Kenny Dalglish's winning ways caught on tape
Supermarket sweep in Argentina
An uncertain future for the leagues in India
Reassessing Scotland's video evidence
Strikers return to action in Peru
Life lessons from Richard Lee; Winning in Pohnpei
Didier Hamann's reciprocated love for Liverpool; dull David Weir

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Comment by NiceOneCenturian 2012-04-09 08:33:54

Hilarious front cover, very original.

Keep it up.

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