Bolton once had a perfectly acceptable badge, based as it was on the town crest – a shield bearing a coat of arms surmounted by a riderless elephant, the usual sort of thing. Then, in the 1970s, the club decided to go modern. The Bolton chairman had obviously seen Michael Rodd talking about wheeled dustbins and Onesie underwear on Tomorrow's World and decided that their club must enter into this pioneering spirit of things or else be consigned to the dusty corner shelves of history, along with Dana and the Ford Zephyr. So the elephant was deleted, the shield went, the proud Lancastrian rose reduced to a cartoon caricature of itself, as if viewed in heavy rain through a smudged windscreen – all to be replaced by a "clever" reimagining of the club's initials in the shape of a ball. In 2001, at a time when everyone had money to burn on, for example, extremely minor changes to logos and stationery, the club redesigned the badge again. This time they dispensed with the rose entirely and made the garlands at the bottom more windswept and interesting. Read more

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Comment by Stumpy Pepys 2012-03-21 15:56:41

I don't know what us Bolton fans did to deserve the eyesore with the ribbons, along with the last three horrible home kits.

And yes, bring back the elephant badge.

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