Bournemouth Echo reporters have been told they are no longer welcome at Bournemouth's Seward Stadium. Southampton banned the paper's sister-title two years ago, and now, following a series of disagreements between the club and the newspaper, the Echo has been told to stay away. The decision "brought to a head weeks of needless and childish screw-tightening by the football club", says the paper. Reporters were banned from asking questions in manager Lee Bradbury's post-match press conferences after a journalist reported that the manager called his players "immature". "Since becoming manager, Bradbury has taken it upon himself to make life increasingly difficult for our reporters. It truly is a crying shame that it has come to this," read a statement on the Echo website.

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Comment by VTTBoscombe 2012-03-21 13:29:59

Bradbury has started to develop a bit of a siege mentality. Not that I have any time for the Echo, only useful for the small ads when I was down there.
But there does seelm to be something smelly going on with the backroom scene there ,what with Mitchell taking the wife of the new co owner down to the dressing room at half time 'to say some words to lift the boys', then Mitchell gets thrown off 606.
and now all this
Cutting off your only local rag does seem a bit silly. I would have thought trying to solve differences would be a better bet.
Ah well, at least we won for the first time in yonks yesterday.

Comment by Paul Rowland 2012-03-21 16:03:06

So those nasty people at AFC won't talk to you anymore because you keep slagging them off? Ah diddums...

Here's a question for all the whingeing hard-done-by sports hacks at the Bournemouth Echo who have been banned from the press box - why don't you just buy a ticket and go through the turnstiles, just like everybody else does?

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