28 September ~ I don't know how they do things in Albania, but it is not the same as how they do things here. To place an owl with a concentration problem at the centre of your club's crest seems to be inviting the wrong type of attention. It isn't clear how the designers arrived at this finished product but there are three obvious possibilities. Firstly, there was a Blue Peter-style competition to design the club's badge which was won by a five-year-old whose concept of nature as a kind of holiday camp for animals with special needs runs utterly counter to the poet Tennyson's sense of "Nature, red in tooth and claw". Secondly, there is a tradition of the primitive-naive in Albanian design and this badge would, to Albanians, actually come across as standard fare. Perhaps the state television logo is a smiley stickman in possession of a balloon. Read more

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Comment by Vicarious Thrillseeker 2011-09-28 14:27:06

I've been to Ballsh - smells of oil. No sign of any owls, mind.

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