19 September ~ A campaign to sack manager Steve Kean led by two Blackburn Rovers internet message boards generated a lot of local publicity but produced a protest of around only 250 supporters before Saturday's game against Arsenal. The low numbers could be put down to apathy or Lancashire's monsoon conditions but it might just be that the silent majority of supporters want to give the man time now he has brought in several of his own players.

Kean has failed to shake off the perception he only got the job through his links to the Kentaro agency, which initially advised the owners Venky's after their takeover. Meanwhile his reality-bending post-match interviews make even the most sympathetic supporters regularly question his sanity.

He hasn't done himself any favours playing along with ridiculous Venky's statements regarding big transfer funds, pretensions to Champions League qualification and links with David Beckham, Raul and Ronaldinho. His claim the protest only represented one per cent of the crowd leaving 99 per cent happy with him is equally as daft with most fans simply prepared to see things develop.

Just as silly was Kean's declaration that the 4-3 defeat of Arsenal represented a better reflection of team performances this season, as it could easily have ended with the Gunners scoring six, so porous was the defence. Kean's habit of flying to India every fortnight when a conference call would afford him the same opportunity to grovel to the owners also doesn't help his image among sceptical supporters.

Recent matches against Fulham and Everton have shown signs of improvement with a more cohesive side occasionally playing attractive football, while some of the new signings seem to be paying off with Yakubu scoring twice on his debut and Scott Dann fitting in well at the back.

Sensible supporters don't want the upheaval of another sacking and most wonder who would be willing to replace Kean in the present circumstances where rumours constantly circulate about instability at Ewood Park under the new regime. The club needs a boring period of mid-table obscurity where the current manager is given time to bed new players within a team moulded in his own image and without outrageous links to ageing superstars or supersized South Americans with Che Guevara tattoos. Bruce Wilkinson

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Comment by phnompenhandy 2011-09-19 13:19:20

Peter Reid is now available. He works for peanuts.

Comment by Paul Rowland 2011-09-19 13:37:41

I suspect Steve Kean was putting a bit of a gloss on things when he said that 99% of Blackburn fans were behind the team, and that it was only 1% of Blackburn fans who were revolting. 250 revolting Blackburn fans - one per cent of the total fan base? That means, in total, according to Steve, Blackburn Rovers must have... now let me do the math, er, 250, multiplied by one hund...

Nah. That "revolting percentage" figure seems far too low to me. I'd say it's nearer two percent. Maybe three.


Comment by shadsworth cloud 2011-09-19 19:24:26

claiming that 99% of fans are happy is another case of steve kean's self delusion which is grating for blackburn fans. The truth is that Rovers fans are not those who readily man the barricades; they are far more likely to just stay at home. And only 22 000 for the visit of arsenal bears that out.
Also a drop in season ticket sales, even at a cheap £225 each, indicates a level of dissatisfaction amongst supporters.
Kean's record as manager is abysmal. Taking an effective mid-table side and making them relegation fodder last season, and this season has seen no impovement. In fact clearing out 12 players and not bringing in replacements until deadline day signings of yakubu, jordan slew and dann.
Talk of Ronaldinho was always taken with a pinch of salt but losing Phil Jones (inevitable once the big boys started sniffing round) and the ongoing rumour of Samba leaving were the reality. Kean says he can only be judged on his own team, but why wait all summer when it was obvious that reinforcements were needed from last season, effectively giving every other club 3 games head start in the race to 17th place.
The media reports of the protest are mischevious and the sub-text seems to be: who do you think you are to question your betters. Well, a mad rainy day victory over arsenal does not paper over any cracks as far as I'm concerned

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