22 July ~ WSC's pre-season preview always features league tables for each division, based on predictions made by fans of each club. To see this year's results you'll have to wait for the next issue, but we can reveal that no writers have predicted that Arsenal will win the Premier League in 2011-12. Back in the summer of 2004 the mood was quite different. As Jon Spurling reported in WSC 209, despite seeing their team go unbeaten for a whole season, some Arsenal fans still weren't satisfied.

On the face of it, Arsenal's season represents the perfect fusion of old and new. Amid the group hud­dles, badge-kissing goal celebrations and Old Trafford shenanigans, team spirit shone through. Securing the title at the home of mortal foes prompted Arsène Wenger to gush about "the togetherness which runs through the very veins of the club". Read the full article


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