5 July ~ Back in 2002, before Andy Burnham MP had run for the Labour leadership and Adrian Chiles was so ubiquitous, they joined the academic Stephen Wagg in a WSC roundtable. Issues discussed included the death of the one-club man, the financial meltdown facing the game and what the government can do to help. As we look back at 25 years of WSC, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same 

Football clubs at all levels in this country are experiencing financial difficulties of one kind or another. The problems are obvious, but are there also some good things that might come out of this crisis?
Stephen Wagg:  To me, it’s a bit like asking whether any good will come from the recent corporate scandals in the United States. Is Enron or WorldCom going to be some kind of blessing in disguise? Read the full article

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