30 June ~ We're up to 2001 in looking back at 25 years of WSC history. A regular feature at that time analysed football's myths, from the belief that players used to behave (they didn't) to the misnomer that the King's Road is fashionable (true only on Planet Football). In WSC 174 Cameron Carter took on the truism that "playing away from home is more difficult"

Because it clearly isn’t. What is the immense problem in taking a luxury coach 80 miles down the road to a carefully groomed pitch and playing to the same level as you play at home? Why, year after year, are experienced clubs full of world-class players happy to come away with a point? Think about your reaction as a fan. Should your team lose 1-0 away, it is simply a case of puffing out the cheeks and nodding ruefully. Should they lose at home, however, it is out on the streets with us and we have learned the chairman’s name to say out loud. Read the full article

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