17 June ~ Earlier this year Anton Hysén became the first male footballer to come out since Justin Fashanu revealed he was gay back in 1990. Football has always had a problem with sexuality, as our editorial in WSC 146 (April 1999) pointed out after Robbie Fowler had mocked his England team-mate Graeme Le Saux

Such is the intense spotlight trained on Premiership football these days, we are told, that nothing escapes the attention of the action replay cameras and the press provocateurs who feed on their evidence. In a limited way, the theory is perfectly true. Yet for all the microscopic detail now available to the media and the authorities alike, football still has blind spots about certain subjects, which go unmentioned even when they are shouting to be heard. One such came up, but only very slowly, after the Chelsea v Liverpool match on February 27th. Read the full article

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