13 June ~ Although they managed to score a late equaliser, England were largely outclassed in their opening fixture at the European Under-21 Championship against Spain last night. Much like the senior team, Stuart Pearce's side spent most of the match running around trying to win the ball back. As our interview with Howard Wilkinson from WSC 154 showed back in 1999, this is not a new problem

WSC Do you feel there is still a suspicion in this country of bringing the more technical aspects of coaching into the game?
Howard Wilkinson Yes, there’s a cultural attitude which is, if you like, anti-coaching, or against having an analytical attitude to sport, and it does make life difficult because it colours everyone’s attitude. It’s come out recently when we’ve had foreign players who start to talk about the differences and make negative comparisons with the preparation they’ve been used to. Read the full article

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