9 June ~ A report published by Deloitte today claims that Premier League clubs are spending a record 68 per cent of their income on wages. Footballers' pay has increased dramatically during the 25 year of WSC's history. Back in 1998 clubs paid only seven per cent of their revenue to players, as Patrick Harverson wrote in WSC 136

Are footballers paid too much? It is a simple enough question, but one that evades a simple answer. It can be, and often is, argued that footballers are paid too much in relation to the amount of money their clubs earn, or in relation to the performance they deliver on the pitch, or – as several tabloid newspapers suggested recently – in relation to the amount of money a nurse earns. The latter earns on average about £15,000 a year, or more than 13 times less than the average Premiership player makes over the same period. Is this fair? Probably not. Read the full article

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Comment by Paul Rowland 2011-06-09 16:18:44

Quote: ".. the latter earns on average about £15,000 a year, or more than 13 times less than the average Premiership player makes over the same period."

Priceless. I'd like to think that whoever is responsible for that bit of nonsense is earning substantially more than 13 times less than your average NHS cleaner No wonder they haven't put their name to it.


So nurses earn 15k a year, and Premiership footballers earn 13 times that amount, do they? Excuse me, but what you're doing there is comparing apples with pears. You're comparing the wages of a fresh-out-of-college junior nurse with the wages of a top-of-his-game senior footballer.

The fact is, nurses start at £15k a year, yes - but a properly qualified nurse with a few years grafting behind them and a modicum of ambition could easily clear 20, maybe 25k a year. And that, my friend, is the figure you should be using for your comparison with the average Premiership footballers's wage, not 15k. 15k is what the equivalent of a League 2 nurse earns.

And if you take the really top nurses - that is, nurses who are as good at their job as John Terry and Frank Lampard are at theirs - well, the sky's the limit. I gather that some of them are trousering in excess of 28k a year. No really!

Shoddy journalism all round. WSC's Finest Hour? I think not....


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