3 June ~ We're up to 1997 in our retrospective of 25 years of WSC and a main event of that year was Kevin Keegan's second (but not final) departure from Newcastle. In WSC 121 Ian Cusack assessed the excitable reaction of the press

I happened to be in Newcastle city centre at 10.30 am when the story of Kevin Keegan’s resignation broke, so I saw the stage-managed outpourings of false emotion at first hand. The sudden nature of the departure made it a perfect opportunity for soundbite and snapshot.

 The composition of the crowd of around 400 that had gathered at the ground was a sociologist’s wet dream: the retired, the unemployed, the terminally lazy and the socially inadequate, as close as they were ever likely to get to the inside of St James’ Park, rubbed shoulders with camera crews and agency hacks committing the unwashed legions’ banal opinions onto videotape and dog-eared notepads. Read the full article


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