27 April ~ David Stubbs looked at the 25th anniversary of WSC in today's Independent

In today's super-saturated, Super Sunday climate in which football seems inescapably, blaringly dominant, it's hard to imagine the pariah status of the game back in 1986. English clubs were banned from all European competition, with Liverpool fans blamed for the Heysel stadium disaster in which 39 fans lost their lives prior to the 1985 European Cup Final (one commentator declared that with things having come to this, it was time to "let football die"). Owing to a television rights dispute, no football was broadcast at all in the first ten weeks of the 1985-86 season. ITV didn't bother reporting midweek results, considering them unnewsworthy. Racist chanting was regarded as a fact of life, while Margaret Thatcher, for whom football stadia were a nest of "enemies within", was entertaining a scheme of ID cards for supporters. Read the full article

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