3 April ~ So it is the start of April, the beginning of the run in for the Premier League, and Blackpool visit Craven Cottage for the first time since 1999, when we were both in the third tier. Blackpool fans have seen the most extraordinary season that any of us can remember and we are enjoying it all the way. We are very much in the relegation fight, but that is true of at least ten teams and there were many pundits who forecast that we would be relegated by Christmas, wouldn't win a corner and would be the worst team ever seen in this division.

I think a lot of the Blackpool fans thought the same, however. Given the cut-price nature of our squad, we feared a season of 6-0 defeats. But not only have we seen our team doing unexpectedly well, we have been watching hugely entertaining football, with goals at both ends in most matches. Our first home match, against Fulham back in August, was typical – first we went behind, then we went ahead and in the end it finished 2-2. I will be very surprised if we see a dull game today. Under Ian Holloway Blackpool have shown that unfancied players can be competitive at the top level, as long as the motivation is there.

Much has been written about Charlie Adam, but many other players in our squad have stepped up to the new level. In midfield, David Vaughan has complemented Adam very well. DJ Campbell, suspended today, has found his way past several highly rated keepers and Jason Puncheon has filled in well for him. Ian Evatt has been a rock all season and he and his colleagues in defence have faced the big names without fear. Even if the song is now associated in some people's minds with Phil Brown, you will hear the Tangerine supporters singing "This is the best trip we've ever been on" whatever the outcome today. John Secker

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Comment by Blackmac79 2011-04-04 07:41:13

While an Everton fan, it has been such a pleasure watching Ian Holloway's team in action. Top class manager that can get the best out of his players.

Thats a real talent.

Comment by martinjferguson 2011-04-04 14:28:22

I agree. Blackpool's performances - both players on the pitch and Holloway off the pitch - have been great news for the EPL. It would be a great shame if they were relegated. I have not seen many live games involving Blackpool, only the MOTD highlights etc. Adam has been a revelation. A surprise to many SPL fans who watched a number of poor performances in a Rangers jersey. Also, ex-Celt Stephen Crainey - another who promised much as a youngster - seems to have found his level at Blackpool. The season has been the most entertaining and closely fought EPL in living memory. Let's hope Blackpool can be part of the fun in 2011/2012.

Comment by Lincoln 2011-04-04 16:24:48

Sadly I hope Blackpool get relegated this season purely to shut up Holloway. Yes he says something more than platitudes but what he does say is idiotic. Fergusson slams a ref or a team and he is grumbled about for being offensive etc. Holloway does it but in a moronic fashion with a slight bit humour and it is fine. Complaining about the Southampton fans jokingly singing "Premier League you are having a laugh" shows he doesn't have a good a humour as one might think. The same goes for his anger this weekend when Blackpool lost to Fulham saying everyone has written them off but they are doing well. He often bristles in interviews and his humour can't hide to me a pretty nasty little man.

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