8 March ~ Last week's badge was all about lines. No pictures, just lines. It was utterly shocking. This week's badge is at the other end of the design spectrum. Targu Mures hope to intimidate the opposition with this image of an armed bear. In the olden days – that is pre-Premier League – errant knights would roam the hills and valleys of Romania, either seeking adventure and remuneration from the local landowner or, in some cases, preying on the weak and infirm. It is often hard to spot the difference between the weak and the infirm, but, as a rule of thumb, it is the infirm who are wandering about late at night dressed only in a car coat. Read more

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Comment by nbcee 2011-03-13 20:02:02

Daily fun fact: Targu Mures (or Târgu MureÅŸ, or Marosvásárhely) is the sister city of Kecskemét (where last week's badge came from).

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