28 February ~ Arsenal fan Hartley Sebag-ffiennes has returned to the WSC message board to give his forthright opinions on Birmingham City's League Cup victory

'Twas as foul and base a spectacle as any conjured up by the poet Pope in The Dunciad, one which caused the nostrils of those of a properly Augustan sensibility to wrinkle with disdain, to watch the rank, blue-clad hordes spill out of Wembley stadium yestreen. The friction of knuckles against paving stones, the discernible motion in their trouser seats of hidden tails wagging furiously, the loud, collective mooing; one does not wish to descend into whimsical anthropomorphism by ascribing human emotions to these cattle but one could imagine that they were experiencing what we as sentient, thinking, feeling beings would call “joy”. Evidently, in their bovine obtuseness, these sub-people had misinterpreted entirely yesterday's association football result and its ramifications. Read more

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Comment by donedmundo 2011-03-01 16:30:10

Incomprehensible - just like the Arsenal.

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